Please help me make the simplest (RM) rule for my curtains

I have front curtains and back curtains.
Curtains open at sunrise, after illuminance rises above 200
Curtains close at sunset, after illuminance falls below 100

I have some switches that influence the curtain behaviour.

Film switch on - front and back curtains closed.
Coolback switch on - back curtain closed.
Coolfront switch on - front curtain closed.

And of course curtains open when the switches are off (If it is between sunrise and sunset, and no other switches are on).

Thank you in advance!

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I would have two rules

Curtains open at sunrise
Certain time sunrise
Wait for expression illuminance >200
Open curtain

Curtains close at sunset
Certain time sunset
Wait for expression illuminance < 100
close curtain

Thank you terminal3 for giving me the idea to use more than one rule. One for opening, one for closing. I'll split it into four, because I have two sets of curtains.

Tree.Log, I have no experience with room Lightning. I'll give it a shot, thank you.

Looks great in RL!!!

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