Please help me I had the device for 2 weeks

I’m using Hubitat with my inovelli blue series switch I’m trying to set the switch to work with my Hue smart bulbs while turning on the smart bulb function but when I set up the button 1 push in red it said not installed why is it saying that?

OK, perhaps you can reply back with a clear description of the problem. This community is VERY helpful. I'll start with 2 things:

  1. Is the Inovelli switch paired with the Hubitat? On the Hubitat, on the left, click devices, and tell us if you see your Inovelli switch listed there.
    If no, you need to pair it with the Hubitat.
    If yes,
  2. Tell us what driver is listed for the Inovelli switch.
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Also where are you trying to configure the button 1 push, are you using an App in HE like Button Controller? Or something outside of HE? And where are you seeing the message about the device not being installed? Screenshots are often a useful tool in situations like these.

And are the Hue bulbs on a Hue hub? Is it connected to Hubitat?

I’m using the app in Hubitat as I read and also seen on YouTube. How can I show you the screen it’s not letting me attach the pic in this chat

Welcome to the community!

It's always easier to understand your situation if you post some pics. :slight_smile:
You might need to go to Hub owners - Hubitat , join the group, and then you'll be able to post lots of them. :grin:


That’s what I’m seeing and I believe that’s why it isn’t working

Not installed usually means that the rule or actions are still being set up and the rule will not run. Once you add some actions there should be a button at the bottom that says "Install Rule" or something similar.

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Respectfully, I believe you don’t yet understand how Rule Machine works.

All you have done, from the incomplete screenshot, is to begin defining a Rule. While you have given the Rule a name “Innovelli blue smart switch: button 1 pushed”, that’s all you have done - given the rule a name. You haven’t indicated anything that would cause the rule to run (i.e., a “trigger” for the rule), or anything for the rule to do once it is triggered (i.e., any “actions”).

Then, once you have prepared a rule, you need to “install” the rule by pressing the Done button at the bottom of the page. That’s why the “not installed” message appears beside the rule name - it’s not installed.

I suggest you step back and read the documentation for Rule Machine before trying to define a rule. Or, to get your feet wet, instead use the Basic Rules app, which has a simpler interface.

The link to the Documentation is at the top of the community forum page.

Click the Apps link on the first page of documentation.


I mean I have went further before but I tried to give it another shot at it but I’ll try it again thanks for the info I appreciate

Honestly I kinda new to this so I’m trying to get it together no pun taken but I’ll give it another shot at it thanks for the info I appreciate


Be persistent. We were all new to this at one time.

Hubitat also has many helpful videos on YouTube that can help you get going.


@user5668 .... :point_up_2:These are 2 very good recommendations. I found Basic Rules a lot easier to use to start out with. Once you feel comfortable with Basic Rules you can progress to Rule Machine. I also found the YouTube tutorials Hubitat Home Automation - YouTube to be very helpful. Welcome to the community!


You may wish to try setting it up via computer instead of a phone. For many of us, that works much better.


To use Blue series button feature you need to use the Inovelli custom driver. If you go to Devices and click on the Inovelli Blue switch, can you tell us what driver is your switch using (Driver Type). Also, you don't need to use Rule Machine. Look into Basic Rules, which comes pre-loaded. That app is all you would need to turn your Hue bulbs and set color. Here is a Basic Rule using an Inovelli Blue to turn on Hue when button 1 is pushed:

If you'd like the bulb to turn red, the select "Set Color" and define the level:


The Blue's button map is a handy thing to have (for setting up additional actions beyond basic single taps).

That section unfortunately doesn't bookmark directly, but it's in the Blue Manual...

Go to "Advanced Features", then "Scene Control", then "2-1 Switch Button Mapping"

Also good to ensure you are on the latest Blue firmware (2.14 currently) and driver (2023-04-11).


These are two very good suggestions.

IIRC, the how-to YT video for RM is out of date.

But the documentation page is up to date and explains how to create a rule with the current RM interface.

Basic Rules is much easier to use though, for when you want to create automation logic that doesn’t require the complexity of Rule Machine.