Please don't clear the Search field on the top of the forms

So in devices, as with other screens, I can do a search on, for example, motion to see all my motion sensors. I click on a motion sensor and view it. When I'm done I go to the top of the form and cilck on "Device List". I return to the device list and my search criteria of motion has disappeared. So if I want to view another motion sensor I have to rekey the word motion.

This same behavior happens in the Apps list and likely others.

So please change the bevavior so the Search field is not cleared when you return to the device list. But if I click on the left hand side to another item such as Rooms, or Apps then you would want to start with an empty search field.

You'll probably want to add the circle with an X widget (whatever it's called) so folks can clear the complete search field.


Or better still if you use the back button instead, the list was still in the order you left it in.


Check out


Search field storing value has been great, but it's not session based - it's carrying across to new iterations of logins. Can I suggest it adjust it to clear on browser close?

I had expected it to be done as part of the address string, in which case Back would take back to filtered list while clicking Devices would go to the unfiltered list.

Agree with this, it's very irritating from a UX perspective - but I note the comment from gopher above, so fingers crossed this has been addressed with the latest update :crossed_fingers:.

This is working very nicely. Thank you. [And I am a cranky software developer with 40+ years experience. Smile]