Please comment on my event log

My C4 was froze this am when I awoke. Platform, Chrome, Win10

The log - and I know everyone may want it in a different format, but I only have a couple questions.

at 12:00:00.631 Hubitat Package Manager (HPM) starts running
at 12:00:07.953 he seems to be finished, then at
at 05:10:18.376 he is again checking for an update - - to himself. Maybe this is normal, IDK

at 05:58:46.356 parse device for 17,666,665 ms ??? that's 17,666 seconds or 294 minutes. Am I wrong or am I missing something. I've seen this type activity before when my Hubitat locked up.
The next two lines above are just as lengthy.

What is a warm method parse?

Thanks for any comments or suggestions


I don’t think you’re seeing anything abnormal from Hubitat package manager.

Click on the device ID #s on the left side of the page to filter by the devices that are showing those warnings. You should be able to see the name of the device highlighted at the top of the page.

A “warn” event in a log may or may not mean something truly significant, it depends on the device or app making the log entry.

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