Please add a remove function to the zwave network remove button

Hubitat has been amazing for zigbee devices, but the zwave implementation is frustrating. I have had to reset my zwave network and reinstall my zwave devices multiple times because hubitat does not complete pairings of my zwave thermostats and locks, instead it creates multiple ghost devices in my zwave network. Discover refreshes the screen and presents a remove button on the settings row for the ghost device, but remove does nothing. Could the remove button actually remove the device and rebuild the zwave network like it does in homeseer? I am sorry this is so direct, but this is so frustrating. It would be fine if remove removed. Thank you.

This is a limitation of the 700/800 series SDK. But remove does work. Simply remove power from the device that created the ghost before clicking remove.


Once the ghost device is showing a 'remove' option, you need to remove power to the device that created the ghost in the first instance. Otherwise it will not work.

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Thanks that helps with my door lock - I can remove the batteries no problem. Less so with the thermostat I am trying to add. I needed to go down three flights to the main circuit breaker and turn off the furnace, much easier 20 years ago when I was in my fifties. I finally did get the thermostat connected after 4 tries.

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If this happens again, can you consider taking the thermostat of it's base? In most instances, that would be sufficient to remove power to it.

Hopefully now I have it connected I won't need it again. I would have to unscrew the c wire, and although it is 24 volt dc, I would prefer killing the breaker. But thank you. It is great to know I can remove the batteries for the door lock and makes trying multiple times easier.

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With thermostats, the C-wire is connected to the backplate (normally) and not directly to the head unit - which comes off the back plate. The z-wave radio is in the head unit. So removing the head unit off the back plate is enough to remove power from the z-wave radio.

I don't know which z-wave thermostat you have, but the arrangement I describe is true for z-wave thermostats from GoControl, HoneyWell, Vivint, and 2Gig.

Unless he has batteries in it too :slight_smile:

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Good in theory, but from my experience, it still doesn't always work. (Or sometimes will work eventually but it is difficult to know if/when it will work as expected)


You could also Install the Hubitat app on a smart phone. Then you can stand in front of the device without doing the run up and down the stairs thing... :wink: -Joel

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