Play Music on Google home with touch of a button or NFC tag

I want to be able to press a smart button and it will play an album from my local hard drive. I would also like if I could play a song from Spotify or Youtube Music. I want this music to be played on Google speakers. I have the ability to get my google to speak but I really would like it if I could get it to play a playlist or specific album.

You can trigger Google Home (household) routines with Hubitat switches. I've only tried radio stations but a simple routine is shown below. If you experiment with 'add your own' custom actions you may find a command to open a YouTube playlist, not sure.

I have the virtual switch linked to rules that are triggered with Hue dimmer switches scattered around the house.

I want my rule to be in Rule machine and not be dependent on Google. I have the chromecast integration set-up which allows me to trigger TTS from motion and contact sensors, but instead of TTS, I want music. Specifically, I have albums on my computer and I want to play an entire album or playlist with a certain trigger. If I need to subscribe to a service to do this, I may be willing though I'd prefer to keep it all local.

I think with a combination of the Tasker App and VLC media player you can accomplish this. Assuming you're on Android and are able to figure out tasker. It's extremely powerful but the UI is pure garbage.

Another idea...Porting VLCthing - #5 by jimvb

Thank you for that option. I am really looking for a way to do it in Hubitat with maybe some kind of driver. I'd rather not include other apps to complete this task if at all possible.

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