Play Chime on Speakers When Doorbell is Rung

Hi there, I'm new to Hubitat and smart homes, so apologies if this isn't the right place to post or has been answered elsewhere (I've been trying to search around for a solution but haven't come up on anything yet).

I may be making things more complicated than they should be, but was wondering if there's a way to use Hubitat to have my Google Nest Mini speakers play a chime when my Nest Doorbell (battery) is rung.

I know there's a setting in the Google Home app to enable "Visitor announcements," but this causes my Nest Mini speakers to not only play the chime, but also announce "someone is at the front door." I'm trying to cut out the announcement but keep the chime sound.

If there's a simpler solution, I'll happily take it, but thought maybe there's some sort of automation I can create where, when the doorbell is rung, I can have a custom MP3 of a chime played on my speakers.

Playing a chime on your Google Mini speakers is easy via the built-in app called Chromecast Integration (beta), which creates a device on Hubitat Elevation capable of playing any tracks. The problem is getting the notification from your doorbell, as there is no built-in integration for Nest devices. If you can get the notification from the Google Nest Doorbell into your hub, creating the automation would be a breeze.


I picked up a Sage (Hughes) Doorbell Sensor on eBay some time ago. It was an easy install on my door chime and sends a ZigBee signal to my hub. Works with front and rear buttons.

Not sure it will work with a battery doorbell though.


I don’t think so. It’s been a couple of years since I bought mine off eBay but i think it needs to see typical doorbell voltages (more than 12v) to be triggered, but my memory is foggy.


For the record, I and others have complained to Google about the inflexibility of the current "Visitor Announcements" feature. Seems it's still "all or nothing", leaving the user without the ability to assign which devices/chimes should sound when someone presses the doorbell button. Maddening! They acknowledge the issue, but don't (yet) perceive it as a problem to fix on their end.

I suggest you submit a Support ticket along the same lines, if you think Google will eventually listen.

My gut tells me IFTTT somehow needs to be involved for this to work.

No longer possible since the retirement of Works With Nest, a few years ago :frowning: (same us Hubitat Built-in integration).

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If you have a 'dumb' door bell button then you can use the Ecolink door/window sensor, it has a terminal block inside to connect a remote contact closure. I removed all my doorbell stuff (doorbell and 12v transformer) and tucked the Ecolink inside the electrical box that was supporting the doorbell and put a plastic decorative cover (don't want to block the Zwave w/ a metal cover) over it. Works like a champ, I have chimes go off, Alexa notifications, etc; whatever you can think of when you get the signal into HE.


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Wow thanks so much everyone for the responses. Bummer that there isn't a simpler solution, but I'll submit a support ticket to Google.

Will also look into the doorbell sensor. I'm using the "Nest Doorbell (battery)" but I have it hardwired, so it looks like this could be an option.

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