Platform Version and Device Label change error

Update: I found out from support that they withdrew within 12 hours of release. They requested an add to this post.

If you installed, reversion is EASY using the normal Check for Updates process. If you are on, I recommend reverting.

  • Open Settings
  • Select Check for Updates
  • Selet update

This is a heads-up on an error I encountered this AM. I strongly believe it is related to the Platform. I have already notified support; but, since the correction requires a reversion to a previous Platform and a Removal / Install of the affected device, I am repeating here.

Hub C5

Platform Version:

Activity causing error: Updated the label on the Device’s Edit Page (two devices).

Devices: Kasa devices using my community-developed driver.

Issues: On update of the label:

  1. Error 500 page displayed.
  2. Data in the Data Section of (Device’s Edit Page) was no longer displayed.
  3. Device was uncontrollable (note, these wifi devices require the IP address and Port plus other data from the data section above.
  4. Other devices w/o a label update worked normally.

Platform Version roll-back to

  1. Did not fully restore data from the previous error. Will require removal and reinstall.
  2. The set label activity on other devices (Kasa) worked as expected.



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