Planning to get hubitat, have some questions

Just moved to new home, and planning to go to HA
I have harmony hub to control and manged the multimedia devices in single remote (tv,dvr,android netflix box and AC)

i am planning to get habitat for everything else (smart switches, windows monitoring (open close), air quality and some water irrigation monitoring for new hydroponics project i am planing. and some simple automation scripts

my questions:

  1. how is the integration working with harmony hub?
  2. i can get used habitat at 1\3 cost, can i still register it under my email and use without any limitation?
  3. i have some smart switches SESOO sy3-02w (working on 433 rf) are try compatible with hubitat ?

There is a harmony Community driver that works great, allows you to turn activities on and off, adjust volume and send device commands.


[quote="ilia987, post:1, topic:75697"]

  • i can get used habitat at 1\3 cost, can i still register it under my email and use without any limitation? [/quote]

No, you must register it the pope's name for full implementation... :joy: Haha... No there are no restrictions regardless of how you register it.

You would have to interface those through another system. HE supports zigbee and z-wave and some wi-fi (provided the company opens their api and someone writes for it)


Yes as long as the previous owner has done a full reset on their end before selling the hub to you.

It’s probably worth pointing out there’s more than one hardware revision of the hub. Which one are you considering purchasing used?

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I hope it's a c7 and not the older version.

Which is why I mentioned the different hardware revisions.

My guess would be at such a steep discount on a used hub, it’s not a C7. But anything’s possible.

Sorry didn't see that part of your reply. Distracted by rug rats

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what HE stands for?

I mean if it is already registered by someone can i use it without limitations ?

HE = Hubitat Elevation

Yes, it can be factory reset.

With that being said, based on the time indicated in your profile, you are in Europe. Make sure that the used Hubitat you get comes with a z-wave radio that supports the EU frequency, or the frequency corresponding to where you live.

The C-7 model can do that with the built-in z-wave radio. All other models (C-3, C-4, C-5) require an external USB z-wave radio. The C-5 requires a USB OTG power-injector cable to use an external z-wave radio. The C-3 and C-4 also require an external zigbee radio.


If ill get used what it will be latest version (c7) as far as i understand it should support all frequencies?



I want to add - my memory says that the frequency of the C-7's z-wave radio can be changed for a limited number of times. So, if you get a used C-7, get one that has had the z-wave radio frequency set for the region that you live in.

Tagging @bobbyD to clarify this.

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now i just need to choose between zigbee and zwave

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I use both. Depends on my use case, which devices are available and best for the intended job.


Zigbee devices use the same frequency world-wide. Hubitat is compatible with most zigbee devices that support the ZHA 1.2 profile, and many zigbee 3.0 devices.

I prefer zigbee devices to z-wave devices.


There is no limit on the number of times you can change the frequency.


Most of us use both. In my case I use Lutron Caseta for all my dimmers and switches, z-wave for mains powered stuff and zigbee for battery stuff. Though I do have mains powered zigbee stuff and battery powered z-wave. but mostly try to stay consistent. If you choose Lutron, you will need the Lutron pro hub 2. HE controls it via telnet and lightning fast. If you don't do Lutron, I would recommend Innovelli red series switches. Also start with whats in the compatibility list. A lot of stuff that's not in there still works either via generic driver or community made ones. Starting with the compatibility list though will help you get your feet wet.

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looks good., but pricey is there are cheaper option ( this apartment is rental)
i have option only for 55mm round boxes

i missed the opportunity for bargain c7 HA, ill get a new one.

Congrats on the new house and welcome to the community.

Most installations end up using both, though I REALLY prefer zigbee. The latest ZWave SDK (not Hubitat's SDK - Silicon Labs' SDK, but still used by HE) seems to create a ZWave environment that requires a lot more care and feeding than Zigbee. However there are many devices that use ZWave and for which there may not be a zigbee alternative. (Some folks may not agree with my characterization of ZWave.)

I do have a couple of pieces of advice for you though...

(1) Read everything you can on building solid zwave and zigbee mesh networks BEFORE you start deploying. There are a couple of good guides in the Hubitat documentation and there's lots of stuff on the Internet, much of which is actually true.

(2) Consider a multi-hub approach

Many of us use Hue hubs for smart bulbs and Lutron Pro hubs for smart switches. Doing this from the start makes things MUCH easier later.

(3) Avoid cloud integrations where possible, which usually means go easy on the wifi devices.

(4) I use built-in apps first, community apps second, and complex Rule Machine orchestrations last. I see a lot of folks trying to build everything in Rule Machine. It's incredibly powerful and flexible but also more complex than some tasks require.

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Also, is the electrical supply in Israel 220V @ 50Hz?

You probably want to source line-powered z-wave/zigbee devices that work with Hubitat within Israel itself. Many of the devices suggested in this thread (iNovelli, Lutron Caseta) are designed to work in North America.


Yep, i know this issue, usually i buy electronics from Germany an uk, but small appliances are usually generic.

I will. thanks

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