Planning to flash Feit bulbs with Tasmota

I need a couple of smart 5/6 inch can lights that I can control directly from my HE. Looking around on the web, these seem to be a rather rare commodity. I'd thought about getting the Philips Hue versions, but after a very bad experience when I first started with HE and trying to pair a Hue bulb directly, I'm not keen to try that again.

The other option that has caught my attention is Feit, since I have read a fair bit about flashing them with Tasmota, which would get me exactly where I need to be.

However before I pull the trigger on this, there;'s a couple of questions I'd like to try and get answers to.

  1. My understanding is that it must be an ESP device in order to be flashed with Tasmota. I believe that several companies that were previously making ESP based devices have switched to other controller architectures. What is the situation with Feit in this regard? Can I be certain that if I buy something like this: I'll be able to flash it?

  2. I also read that a good 3.3v power supply to the target device is mandatory to ensure success. What options do I have to provide this? Worst case, I can certainly cobble something together with a buck converter bought from Amazon and a USB 2A brick, but if there's a ready made solution, that's likely to be a better bet.

  3. It appears that I might have to solder a few wires onto the controller in the bulb? How easy are they to open up, and how fine is the solder work we're talking about here?

FYI ....

I've put LIFX BR30 bulbs into recessed can fixtures in my house - these are now directly supported in Hubitat!



I second the recommendation for LIFX bulbs, especially if you have a Mesh WiFi network. While I only have the A19s, they are, by far, the best RGBW bulbs I've had.

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