PIR's Intermittently not switching off after predetermined time

Hi Guys,

For the past month or so I have been having trouble with my PIR's, Switch light on has they should but failing to switch back of at the predetermined time.
This is an intermittent problem sometime they work has they should and sometime they don't and usually when they don't if you go into the PIR area again they work has expected.

MY PIR's are the Samsung smartthing new version and the older version using a generic driver
Software being used is Motion and Mode Lighting App on a C7
Batteries in PIR's are fairly new and everything was working fine up to a month or so ago
I have carried out a soft reset and reinstalled my backup

Any one got any ideas,

Might be worth confirming the platform version you are running (am assuming it is the latest). If you can determine when you changed to your current version that may be useful. From memory I think you can get that from System Events..... I'd need to find where that is accessed....

More importantly, try to provide a screenshot of the motion lighting rule you have setup.


If your motion sensor isn’t logging an motion inactive event then maybe you’re having a similar problem as me.

I’ve had rare problems where motion does not go back to inactive in HE after 1 minute of no motion. I think the message from the motion sensor gets dropped for whatever reason (crap device, crap repeater or poor mesh in that area).

I find that when I refresh the motion sensor it becomes inactive which indicates the device is aware that motion is inactive. It seems to be happening with the same 2 sensors for me.
In RM I’ve added a line to refresh the device after 15mins as a workaround to trigger the off rules.

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Hy Guys thanks for your replies,

My Platform Version is not sure when it went onto this can't find system events
I haven't checked the status of the PIR's when they don't switch of when they should but will

I have posted a few examples which are fairly basic stuff

Just an update
one of the PIR's/ lights that I am having trouble with stayed on today and on checking the log for the PIR looks like the the PIR did go back to inactive but the bulb stayed on.
Also worth note that all my bulbs are on a Philips Hue hub, and connected to Hubitat via CoCoHue - Hue Bridge Integration
Any more ideas on this