Pid-regulator in Hubitat

I am wondering if any one has build a PID-regulator in hubitat for example a constat Lux controller.

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I wrote a P+I loop controller for lux control, you can find it here. I used it to control a light group based on a Zooz 4-in-1 sensor lux measurement. It worked well, as with any PID loop, once tuned.

There is some logic in it to allow a Pico remote’s raise and lower buttons to manually intervene in the loop, timing out after a user-defined duration.

Check out the comments at the top of the file, some info about how it works is there. Hope you find it helpful. I can tweak it if you find it too specific - it wasn’t an attempt at a pure PID loop controller, only targeted at the ambient lighting control scenario.


Thanks. I will test it later today.

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