Pics Please! Zen 16 for garage door

Greetings. I'm contemplating picking up a zen 16 to hook up to my garage door opener, but I'm having a hard time visualizing what this looks like. l would like to see what it will look like when it is done. Does anyone happen to have any pictures of the connections and final installation? I would very much appreciate it if you could post them for reference. Thanks!

I understand your question but it would be better if we knew the garage door brand and model number.

the Zooz link (drawing not photo) garage door wiring is pretty clear but again there are two possibilities depending on your opener.

I would suggest the safest is to run a wire from the ZEN 16 R1 and R2 to the wires on the current switch. Note there is no polarity so you don't have to worry which wire goes where.


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It's a Genie opener, I don't recall the model off the top of my head. Yes, the Zooz drawings are pretty clear. I'm really looking to see is how the final installation looks. Is the zooz rely just sorta set on top of the opener? mounted somewhere else in the garage, etc. I just threw the request for pic of the actual connections as an after thought for reference.