Pico's Have all of a Sudden Gone Crazy

For the past two days, I have been dealing with a complete nightmare. None of my picos are reacting in a regular way anymore. I press them briefly and they pick up helds. There are held events with no release event after them, causing all kinds of problems.

So, I switched it over to Fast Pico to see if that worked any better. I continued to get odd behavior. Every time I would hit a button I would get the released event but not the pushed!!!

And this is not just true of one of them but all of them have been acting up. I have tried pulling the power to my Lutron hub to reboot it but that only seems to help for a little while. Then it goes right back to being all screwy. Anybody else been experiencing this? Anyone have any ideas what could be causing this? @bravenel, I know you're the expert on all things Lutron. Ever seen anything like this?

I've been getting odd delays in the middle of the day, and just experienced a delay turning on directly connected Sengled bulbs about an hour ago. No errors though, so I cannot say it's related to Pico at this point.

I do find that sometimes just opening the Lutron configuration and clicking "Done" resolves those weird behaviors, or unresponsiveness.

I haven't experienced any delays but last night nothing Lutron related was working from hubitat. I also had to go back into the config and hit done, after that all was well. I wonder what causes this? Even more so I hope this is not going to be a common experience.

Check the Lutron Telnet logs. Hubitat actions are all based on Telnet output. There was another person who was getting an error in Telnet. I didn't see any indication to the cause or a fix.

Pico presses all result in DEVICE entries in the logs. Commands sent to Lutron dimmers show as OUTPUT entries. There should be no ERROR entries.

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Thanks for the suggestions. Unfortunately all the past logs are gone now as this happened a while ago. But I will keep an eye out for them next time.

I wouldn't say my problem has been fixed yet, but I did add a Lutron plug that can act as a repeater, and since then I have not seen the ERROR entries. The lag is still an issue, though less pronounced. I am still planning to experiment with the placement of the repeater plug as well as the SmartBridge PRO to see if perhaps distance or interference is causing lag in the bridge receiving the Pico signals.

Note that the lag appears to be in receiving the telnet notification itself, so I think at least this part of my problem is not related to contention between the Pico transmission and the bridge transmitting to any Lutron devices.