Pico turns on two sets of lights - Shouldn't turn on either of them

I can't figure this one out. I've got a Pico remote programmed to open an electric gate. It does this reliably. The problem is that in addition to opening the gate, it also turns on two Lutron dimmers (both of which happen to be located relatively close to the gate). I have looked over the programming of this Pico and can't find anything that would explain this. The only action associated with this button is "open gate". Anyone have an idea?

Do you have the Pico in a room in the Lutron app?

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Yes. It is in the same room (garage) as the 2 sets of lights. Is that the issue? Do I need to put that Pico in its own room in the Lutron app?

I think so.

Yes. It's probably associated on the Lutron side of the house, not in Hubitat. Lutron has a habit of automagically associating a pico with devices if they are installed in the same room.

That seems to have resolved the problem. Thanks! A Pico remote controlling any/all lights that happen to be in the same 'room' as the Pico is not at all intuitive.

Agreed. If you edit the Pico device using the Lutron Caseta Pro app on your phone, you will see an entry titled Devices, click that and you will see a list with check boxes for any devices associated with the Pico.


You can get really twisted up if you have associations in Lutron and also integrate the devices into Hubitat . . .