Pico to arm/disarm safety monitor

I am unsuccessfully attempting to have my 2 switch pico arm/disarm. Lutron app is installed and I see all the Lutron devices including the pico I'm trying to get to connect. I've spent hours trying to figure this out. I can trigger the action to arm but for the life of me the pico will not trigger anything.

are you seeing the physical button presses register in the logs?

Yes I am.
I can watch live data register the button activating but will not arm/disarm

so do you have a rule doing the arm/disarm? Or are you setting directly in HSM under arm/disarm options ? IIRC HSM can be picky about arm/disarm with certainbuttons

I think @aaiyar has some Picos. I don't own any picos, but just read 1000's of posts

I've tried so many different things over the last 2 days that I'm thoroughly confused at this point.
What I need is a step by step set of instructions.

You need to have a rule (from rule machine) to instruct hubitat what to do when that button is pushed. Start with creating a button controller in the button controller app. Then from within there you can have it arm/disarm. Here is an example of button controller controlling my wife's night stand lamp and whatnot. (we have the 5 button pico's on our night stands. Adjust for yours)

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try this please:

As a last resort, you can try this:

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Here is my above rule controlling ARM/DISARM

I appreciate very much all the responses.
I have tried all the things shown in your replies.
Nothing has nor does now work.

I set Rule,
Button Controller set,
I click on "Run Action" and I see that the Safety Monitor is triggered to alarm.

But, the pico buttons do nothing.

I'm wondering if I have the Pico setup in Lutron correctly.
Don't know.............


Show us your Lutron Integration on Hubitat.


Make sure that you're integration is setup properly and matches the integration report. Also make sure that the pico is not bound to any of the switches. The integration format should look like this...

I found the problem!!!!

The problem was that you guys were attempting to help a moron (me) !!
I looked at "Devices/live data" and could see the buttons working.
When looking at the main menu in Hubitat/Apps the HSM displays the current setting of armed or disarmed.
What I did NOT realize is that the setting does not refresh automatically when the pico button is pressed.
You have to refresh the HSM app to see a change in the status.
So......... I did not realize the button was actually working correctly.
THANKS so very much for your help..........greatly appreciated.

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