Pico not changing dim level

I am using pico remotes (not fast) and rules machine (previously was using button controller) to change the dim level of my pico dimmer. Unfortunately, it's not changing it. Here's my latest permutation:

I'm fairly new to this; I was trying to force it with variables (to no avail). The Dimmer is controlling the dim level and the picos simply aren't able to alter that value.

Any ideas why the set dim level feature isn't actually setting the dim level?

Honestly I simply have mine run through the bridge to control dimming and then use button controller for the center button to turn everything off

If both of these devices are on the same Lutron network, I'd second the suggestion above--not just because it's easier but also because I know there are problems with delays in some cases if you're trying to send and receive data at nearly the same time over Lutron's wireless protocol on the same network (Bridge/Repeater), though only under specific circumstances, and I'm not sure if this is one. It wouldn't explain your problem if things never happen but could explain if it's slow. You can still use Hubitat for the things Lutron can't do, like controlling other devices.

As for this rule, it looks a tad odd--you're modifying a variable in button 2 pushed but never actually using it for any purpose (unless there's more we can't see), and you're using "Start raising dimmer level" and "Stop raising dimmer level" without a corresponding "Stop raising/lowering" action (so it's just going to dim all the way up or down; most commonly you'd do the former action on a hold and the latter in release, or on push and release if you were using the Fast driver--simulating a real dimmer). But it should still do something.

Since that's not working, I'd start with the two most likely culprits: make sure either/both Pico is still getting events generated in Hubitat as expected (i.e., when the buttons are physically pressed; "Events" on the device page will show you history, or "Logs" will show you in real time if you didn't disbable descriptionText logging for the Picos devices on Hubitat) and that you can control the dimmers from the device page ("Devices," then find your device and make sure manually-run commands like "On" or "Set Level" work).

Oh yeah - the rule is definitely odd. I was throwing things against the wall. I was trying to force the levels to change using stop/start raising levels. The variables were being used on the button 1 press (not the issue) so I moved on but didn't take them out.

I'm OK going back to the Lutron solution; I just found it weird that I couldn't set the dim level and was hoping there was an easy solution for my own understanding.