Pico Favorite Button - Cycle Through

If this isn’t currently supported then please consider this a feature request.

I’d like to use the middle button (“favorite” button) on a Lutron Pico to cycle through commands. For instance, using RM I’d like to make lights change to different colors each time the Favorite button is pressed and released. Let’s say I go with Warm White, Red, and Blue. After the third press, the lights would change back to White again.

Does that sound like something that’s possible today, or useful enough to warrant future development?

It can be done with RM. I use a single button to cycle thru fan speeds using a series of If-Thens. Colors for a light would work same way.

If light is blue, turn red.
If light is red, turn green
If light is green, turn blue.


You can do this with RM--you just have to use a variable to track the current point in your cycle or do something like the above to evaluate the current state and act accordingly. You can find a few examples on the forum of people trying this. It's usually something like a local variable, then rule actions like:

Cancel Delayed Actions
IF (actionNumber = 1) THEN
  // Do thing 1
ELSE-IF (actionNumber = 2) THEN
  // Do thing 2
ELSE-IF (actionNUmber = 3) THEN
  // thing 3
Set actionNumber to actionNumber + 1
IF (actionNumber > 3) Set actionNumber to 1
Delay 0:00:15 (cancelable)
Set actionNumber to 1

If you don't want to "reset" the counter after 15 seconds or whatever, you can skip the first action and the last two actions.

I also wrote Dimmer Button Controller to do more or less this--I wanted to emulate the behavior of a Hue Dimmer on a Hue network on Hubitat with any button device, including a Pico. Advanced Button Controller, another community app, can also cycle through Hubitat scenes (in alphabetical order) with certain button actions.


My friend, thank you. It was there all along.

Thank you for taking the time to reply. I learned a bit about RM through your example.