Pico and Caseta Pro Bridge

My understanding is that a Pico can be paired directly to a Lutron Caseta dimmer, apart from the Caseta Bridge. Is this true? If so, how many dimmers can be paired to a single Pico? If the Pico is not paired to the Caseta Bridge, then it won’t be counted against the 75 maximum devices supported by the Caseta Bridge, correct?

For a Pico that IS paired to the Caseta Bridge, is there any necessity to have it integrated into Hubitat, if the Pico is only used to directly control a Caseta dimmer?

While you can directly pair a Pico to a Caseta Switch or Dimmer, I have found that the Pico still shows up in the SmartBridge Pro, and does count as one of the 75 devices. I could be recalling this incorrectly…but that is my recollection. :sunglasses::thinking:

No need to integrate every Pico with Hubitat. I have many that are only used in 3way/4way lighting configs that I chose to not add to Hubitat.


You can control 2 dimmers without a bridge but only for ON/OFF.



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