Pico 2 Button

This is probably a dumb question.

I have a 2 button Pico remote integrated with Hubitat. On the Hubitat Device Page, should Set Pico Button Count be set to 2?

The reason ask is I vaguely remember reading that there is something funky with the Pico button numbering.

Another question: Can I directly pair a Pico to a Lutron Caseta switch AND integrate the Pico with Hubitat at the same time (to make use of a held action via Hubitat)?

Yes to both.

The funkiness is Lutron's numbering. Hubitat numbers them "top down" -- top button is #1 and then sequentially from there. On a 5 button Pico, the little center round "favorite" button is #3, if that helps it to be clear.

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