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Starting home automation from scratch. Taking my inspiration from the Vacation Automation YouTube video: it will be Phase I for me. I know there is a list of supported devices: is it as simple as picking from the list? Should I consider anything else not on the list.

Want local control
Looks like Zigbee is the way to go.
Devices I need for Phase I:
** 3-way relay
** 1-way relay
** Smart outlets/plugs

Thanks in advance for any thoughts/opinions. Have extensive computer networking background

Not sure what that video is, but picking from the list of supported devices is a good start.

Can you describe what you are trying to do (for those who haven’t seen the video)?


definitely not an end-all/be-all list, but nothing wrong with taking some advice from staff


As @Sebastien mentioned everything on this list is known to work and its a great place to start. The favorite Zwave device list is also excellent, but may or may not fit your needs.


And have a look at this post and the links below it for lists of devices people like using:

@Sebastien Here is a link: Automating your lights to make it look like you're home while you're on vacation. - YouTube

It describes what I want to do as I start to enter retirement and start to travel more.

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It looks like for my purpose the Enbrighten switches and plugs over Zigbee would do the trick. They are on the supported device list.

Any feedback on the company or the switches/outlets?

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