Physical switch trigger


I have a fibaro double switch 2 and I want to trigger an automation only when I turn off the switch using the physical switch (don't want to trigger using the app or command).

I selected the "physical switch" option in the trigger event but the automation isn't working.
Checking the event log it doesn't indicate the turn off event as physical.

How can I accomplished that?


Sounds like you need to identify the type of event being produced and work on fixing that.

It would be useful (for others) if you could screenshot the driver you are using and show the "Events" page for the device. Let me know if any of that doesn't make sense and I can add some extra instructions.


I am using "generic component switch" driver (cause this is child device).
Please see attached event screenshot.

It looks as though the driver doesn't support it as it would show 'physical' and 'digital' alongside those events.

@johnwill1 is correct your switch and driver must support detecting physical events. Not all switches do unfortunately. Here is an example of a GE Zwave switch that turned on via motion and off by me pushing button. The type column is populated with digital vs physical

The Fibaro Double Smart FGS-224 and Double Switch 2 FGS-223 both use the 'Generic Component Switch' child device which doesn't support it and neither does the parent device driver (I have both devices on my system)

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