Physical switch on versus automation

Hi guys, is there a way to decipher the difference between a physical light switch state change versus an automated state change.

Basically I have 2 different rules which do different things. Rule One is triggered by a dimmer switch being pushed (turned on) , rule two is triggered differently but ultimately switches the same switch on by automation.

When rule 2 runs, the automatic turning on of the switch causes rule 1 to execute.

So is there a way to recognise the difference between an automated state change versus a physical state change?

See dimmer switch in question Samotech SM323 V2

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RM has triggers option for this if the device and driver support it:

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It all depends on if the driver you are using supports sending the "type" with the event or not. Even then it is not always 100% reliable.


And ...........In the blink of an eye, you've solved my problem. Thank you so much for this :+1:

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