Physical Switch Events Not Triggering Rule Machine Rule

Should these events:

Trigger this rule?

it doesn't seem to be working. The hub is definitely aware of when I press the ON button on my Leviton light switch but the rule never kicks in. I have a couple of Leviton switches to control the garage lights and garage door. I've had a heck of a time syncing the garage door open/close to the switch state. Despite having all kinds of rules set up to turn the switch on when the garage door opens, turn it off when the door closes, open the door when it turns on and close it when it turns off, there are still several times when I hit the ON button to open the garage door but because the switch is already physically ON (the rules failed to tell HE the garage door closed) it doesn't get picked up by the rule. So I added another trigger for a physical ON message which is definitely being received by HE but not triggering the rule.


It's not firing since the state isn't changing from off to on, repeated on events will not fire rules.
Rules generally require a change in state off to on, on to off in order to fire.

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ah, ok, thanks. Is there any way to accomplish what I'm trying to do? Any way to unconditionally trigger on that message received?

Do you have the choice of using that switch as a Button?

no, those device types don't show up in the list when selecting button as a trigger

I thought I had figured out what was wrong with my rules but turned out I was just looking at the logs wrong. My Konnected alarm has a zone called "Garage Door" which knows when the garage door is open and closed and I thought those events were from the "Garage Door Opener".

I know what the problem with my rules is now... when I open or close the garage door with the remote button, Hubitat doesn't detect the change in state. If I hit refresh on the device page, it immediately picks up the state. Unfortunately, the garage door openers don't show up in any of the polling apps. If they did, It'd just poll the garage door openers every 5 minutes or so as a workaround.

Guys, I have a RM 5.1 rule (with no Restriction or Predicate) that refuses to trigger off of Physical Switch. Screenshot below:

No trigger or action noted in log for that rule when I physically turn on or off one of the assigned switches (and I've double-checked that the Rule subscribes to all those via PhysicalHandler(), with no outstanding Scheduled Jobs).

Funny thing is, if I create a test rule that triggers off of, say, just Front Porch Lights ► Physical Switch == changed, that rule fires just fine. And appears in the Logs as having run, etc.

Have I perhaps "overloaded" the main rule with too many potential OR triggers?? I'm only 3 weeks into using Hubitat, so expect to make n00b mistakes, but I really feel like I set all this up properly; the rule simply isn't responding.

Insights welcome! THANKS,

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Turn on all logging for the rule, and look ar the device events for the device that doesn't trigger it. It must have Physical in the type column.

Did what you asked, ticking all Log types, and here are the associated Logs:

It's as if, when we physically turn one of the watched physical switches (dev 6) OFF or ON, Hubitat knows, and so does the Rule (app 131), but the rule fails to proceed with its Actions. Note further that a separate Mirror Me is executing behind the scenes, turning OFF/ON my Garden Lights (dev 33), not connected with the rule under suspicion.

Unsure what else to try.

Show screenshot of the device events that correspond, not from logs, but from Events button on device page. The rule is not seeing physical, just off.

Or, the state hasn't actually changed. There is some more digging necessary to know what's happening. When you use *changed* as the trigger, it compares the current event to the previous one, and there must have been a change for it to trigger.

Not necessarily. Although, I would suggest that you think about keeping things simpler, and possibly rethinking your strategy about this. My basic suggestion is to follow the KISS principle when it comes to creating the automations for your house.

Irrespective, the number of triggers you have has nothing to do with why the rule isn't working the way you expect it to.

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This is what you need to look for:

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Sorry for the delayed follow-up, had to sleep... I just went into Events for that particular switch and here are the corresponding entries:

we need to see the data in column number 5, we can only see column 4 here.
Column 5 should have digital or physical listed that corresponds to the [physical/digital] that's shown in column 4
Also, which driver is being used with this device?

Glad to see the follow up here. This was my post a long time ago but I never got it working right. I’ve just been flipping my switch off and then on again to trigger my rule. I’ll be following along here.

Your wish is my command, and I include the expanded "Events" screen below. Sorry that the earlier rendition -- grabbed from my smartphone while in bed -- somehow omitted the necessary [Type] column:

I can also relate that the device driver in use here is "GE Enbrighten Z-Wave Smart Dimmer", which correctly corresponds with the late-model Jasco dimmer switch that's installed.

Thanks for any insights! I'm relatively new to the Hubitat scene, so only now getting my feet wet filing "bug reports" (and knowing how to differentiate what ain't broken). :slight_smile:

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Thanks. So it appears to be related to *changed* on the trigger. I will dig into that. It should fire given those events.


This bug has been found and fixed, and will be in an upcoming hot fix release.

For the curious, the problem actually had to do not with physical switch events, but with custom attribute subscriptions. The bug was causing the physical switch events to be treated as if they were normal switch events.


Is this a very old bug? Just wondering because I gave up on trying to use physical events quite a while back, figuring It was my issue, before I knew what to look for…and then completely forgot about it.

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Interestingly, I only began trying to use Physical Switch in order to test its efficacy for myself, after reading others' complaints on the Forum about rules not firing. The McGuffin was that Physical Switch indeed worked on a simpler rule (which I also created solely for testing purposes).

Ah, the life of a beta tester. Ya gotta break stuff to make stuff, lol! Many thanks to @bravenel for his prompt attention to my report(s).

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I think it's been there since 5.1 started. Haven't looked at older, like 5.0. The bug only manifests with multiple triggers where one is physical and one is custom attribute.

Just looked, introduced in 5.1, not in 5.0 or earlier.

Physical and digital triggers do work, but the device must be reporting the event Type, as shown just above in the post by @LibraSun