Physical dimmer ignores Aqara FP2

I have an Zemismart dimmer, that is controlled virtually through Switch Bindings app to sync state with my smart lamps.

However I also have an Aqara FP2 to control my lights, with a virtual switch called "No automation". When "No automation" is on, all commands from FP2 is ignored. It's useful to sleep for example.

I'd like to set up the physical dimmer to also ignore all FP2 commands when I turn on a light through it.

When a light is turned on by physical dimmer first, all FP2 commands will be ignored.

Anyone has some idea?

When the dimmer is turned on have a rule that turns on "no automation." It sounds like you have already done the difficult work.

However, the dimmer is synced with light, so if I turn on the light would it turn on the no automation too, right?

I'd like to turn on no automation only when the dimmer turn on first than lamp

How are you controlling everything besides switch bindings? Are you using Rule Machine or Room Lighting?

Since I'm using an Aqara FP2, I'm using the HomeKit to turn on/off the lights

You need to first bring the FP2 into Hubitat via a virtual presence with switch device and two Homekit Automations. What you want can’t really be done easily without everything into Hubitat.

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