Physical button press not turning off light that is on

Hi All!

I'm quite new to the whole smart home world, and have been using lights through my Google Home. I decided to add a button to the mix, but am having an issue writing the rule.

When I single press, the light should turn on, if it's off. If the button is pressed when the light is on, it should turn the light off. I have written the following rule. It works to turn the light on, but doesn't turn it off.

What am I doing wrong?

The one thing that I have noticed is, in the device settings, when the light is on / off. It doesn't update the switch state (on the right). When I manually press refresh, it changes it. Then the button works.

In there meant to be a minimum delay before the hub communicates with the device and 'refreshes' its status?


What is the device type for the office light? If ZWave, is it ZWave or ZWave+?

Also, you are missing an END-IF in your rule, but you actually don't need the ELSE-IF/THEN/END-IF. If the light is not off, then you don't need to check again to see if it is on. In other words ..


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Use TOGGLE for controlling the light instead. Then you don’t need any logic. :slight_smile:
Don’t know about your status issue. You could try hitting the configure button on the device page to make sure the light has all right parameters.