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Phyn is a new smart water monitoring device that is installed directly onto the pipes to be able to detect possible leaks, and automatically shut off in case of a major catastrophe. I was a beta tester for this device last year and I believe they've gone official as of only a few months ago. It's a very cool device. You tell it all the kinds of water outlets you have in the house and it matches the flow rate to what it has stored in its system. For instance, it can recognize the flow pattern of a toilet flushing by time and water pressure. If a toilet flush deviates from normal by running continuously due to a faulty handle, it will send an alert. (it has done this for me twice) It works similarly with showers, dishwashers, washing machines, etc. It can also detect pinhole leaks.

It connects via WiFi, so I don't know what would be required for integration, but it might be worth reaching out to them!

You can try asking if they have an API to start with. I don't think they are in the market for DIYers. It looks like a very interesting device for sure but for a pretty high price tag.

We are working with one of the key software people at Phyn. I will check this out and let you know....

Edited: Wrong company. We are working with a guy from pHin, which is a pool monitoring product. How those two get away with such similar names is beyond me...


Wow, yeah that is uncanny. Well phYn said they're working on an API so that might be on the roadmap in the future.

Curious if this has gone anywhere. I'm interested in the Phyn product. It would eliminate the need to use a lot of leak sensors. It would be great to integrate it into Hubitat. I know they have Google home integration now.

Google Home or Alexa? I'm only seeing Alexa in the app.

I was talking about what Phyn is offering to date as far as any integrations. That product now connects with google home. I'm hopeful that this means they might be open to further integrations.

If it integrates with Google Assistant you should be able to send commands to it using Google Assistant Relay (community app and node.js app that needs to run on an always on device like a raspberry pi)

I don't think they've got Google Assistant integration out yet. I see that they've announced it being available in "Q2 2019" but it's not to be found in the app yet, or via Google Home's side.

I saw that too. The point is I hope that they allow other integrations and someone smarter than me, if not HE, could develop an app for it for direct communication and control.

Ultimately I'm not really interested in adding additional components like a raspberry pi. I much prefer simplicity keeping my HE only one step from the devices it's interfacing with. I also don't use Google Assistant or Alexa or anything like that.

Has anything been created for this in Hubitat?

Would also be interested in this.


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