Phone control

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    i have a c-7 hub and do i need to pay to control it from my phone when im not home

No... Regular dashboard control via secure cloud is included. What you can't do is get to the main settings and admin what not outside without either a VPN (free for you to set up) or a monthly fee for the remote admin. Honestly most people who do get the remote admin option are people unfamiliar with setting up a vpn. It's there if you need it but not necessary. For regular dashboard control, always free.


Or if their internet provider uses CGNAT (or an equivalent).


Or we're just lazy.



That was me. Tried the remote admin for the free period and realized I really didn't need it (not enough to pay for it anyway), but that did sour me to figure out how to set up a no I can get in if I need to.

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