Phone app doesn't show new ez dashboard?

Android phone app doesn't show the new EZ dashboard as an option to view..
Anyway to get it to show or do we need a different app ?

Has not been implemented yet.


Not yet. Check out this post:


Important to note that the new EZ Dashboards don't show up under "Hubitat Dashboard" in the App panel, but they show up under a new App called "Easy Dashboard".

Also, I have a dashboard that has no devices in it, just hub variables. EZ Dashboard does not appear to create a dashboard without devices, and it does not appear to support hub variables. I hope this is also in the plans.

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Thought I was doing something wrong on the mobile app.

Great work on this. It looks fantastic.

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"Easy Dashboard" app on Google Play is a financial app.

What's the timeline for its implementation?

They aren't talking about a mobile/phone app; they're referring to the available app within Hubitat itself called "Easy Dashboard"

No timeline available yet -- see third post above.