Phillips Hue repeaters (ikea tradfri repeater)

I only have a handful of hue bulbs that were given to me. I bought a hub but their performance is always sub-par. I know I need more bulbs, but I have no use for more anywhere.

I do however have a couple ikea tradfri repeaters I bought on clearance. Anyone pair one with the hue bridge and confirm longterm it repeats?

I found a old thread on reddit indicating folks think it works. But no further replies or comments. Figured I'd check here..

IKEA plugs do not work as Hue repeaters. The Innr plugs work.

Hue bulbs are the best repeaters for Hue bulbs.


Supposedly the Hue plugs also extend range, but I have read mixed reviews on that.

You might also first try changing the Hue Bridge channel. Make sure it’s not in a channel range that is too close to your Hubitat hub or any other Zigbee hubs you might have.

I’ve been running my Hue Bridge on channel 20 for many years and it works quite well.

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This is true, but important to note that the Innrs need to be paired to the Hue bridge (which they can). Apologies if that's obvious to you - it may not be to others.


I forget what channel I have mine on. But trying to balance that between multiple wifi ap's and two hubitatv hubs between the house and garage.

I was more curious if these repeaters were worth a shot since I have a handful that I'm not using. :grinning:

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I know people point to WiFi as potentially conflicting and there's the graphs that show it can, but I've honestly never worreid about it. Just let my router select whatever channel and it's never been an issue. I even tried manually changing the channel on my routers in the past, and it still didn't change anything.

What has mattered, is when two Zigbee controllers were either on the same channel by mistake or on channels that were too close together.

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Right. My answer was in response to...

Also, it seems that Innr plugs are not available on, bloody expensive on (with only 2 left), and not present on Innr's website. They may be discontinued.