Phillips hue problems

I have 3 Phillips hue motion sensor, 1 outdoor and 2 indoor . I tried motion light app, simple light app and they only work some of the time. I moved HE close to the wifi router same problem (HE is even less than 5 ft from 1 of the indoor sensor, the sensors will tigger but no light) I even watch YouTube where this youtuber side wifi signals interrupt zigbee so i removed the wifi router and replaced it with a netgear switch. I reset the Phillips hue hub, restart HE, deleted the apps reinstalled them same problems they worked for awhile then stop. The sensors work perfectly when connected to the Phillips hue hub. The 3 sensors setup it nothing fancy each sensor should control 1 bulb.

So seems you have 3 possible areas of interference. The Hub, Hue hub and router.
I'd check which channels all are using first, as 2.4 channels can interfere with Zigbee channels.

Here I have my router on channel 1, Hue on 15 and HE on 20.
It may also be bleedover from a nieghbours house? A WiFi analyzer would help there.

This is certainly worth a read, it helps show which channels can overlap.

And there are a few free WiFi anlyzers out there which can help see what other routers close by may be operating on.

don't know how to find which channel HE or Phillips hue hub is using.

If thats your router, its set to Auto, so will try to find the best channel automatically. how good that is, I dont know.

Hue - In the App, select Settings (bottom right). Then the Hub, and then the i icon. The channel is at the bottom.

HE - Go to Settings, then Zigbee Details, and the channel is on the right.

I change the channels this is the log

Its still not working , the motion sensor is being triggered but the light won't come on

If the channels were updated, make sure that the devices reconnected to the Hub too. That can take a while.

Still not working properly I am now using the simple light app same problem I ordered some SYLVANIA SMART + ZigBee Indoor Smart Plug to act as repeaters so hopefully that help I don't think so because 1 of the motion sensors is literally less than 5ft away, they should reach the island by Friday till then I am just going to use the Phillips hue hub.

If it's so hard to get 1 bulb and i bought 22 :disappointed:

I have pretty much all my bulbs on Hue, and sensors on HE. Apart from my Ikea bulbs that is.

I think you are focusing on the wrong things. Can you control this bulb at all? I mean if you turn it on from HE does it turn on and can you turn it off? If not using a different app is not going to help. You keep talking about the distance of the motion sensor, the hub and bridge but how far is the bulb from the hub or bridge? It seems clear, the only issue is that the light bulb is not receiving the signal. Not an HE, Hue or motion sensor issue. The shot of the logs you posted seems to show everything fired as it should but the light simply did not come on. What does the event log for the bulb show? You keep posting the same issue in different forms. You need to wait until you get the repeaters and set them up. But, make sure you can control the bulb because there is always the possibility you have a bad bulb. Place the bulb closer to the hub and test it. All the repeaters and hubs in the world will not resolve a bad bulb issue.

There is nothing wrong with the bulbs nor the motion sensors they work perfect with the hue hub, google and smart things. HE on the other hand :disappointed: got more outdoors sensors today and they won't even pair with HE hmmmm maybe I got a faulty HE I am taking all the advices just hard not to see any results.

I tried the channel at my other house in the country and my son said its alot better, going to try it here in the city with let you know if it works, having pairing problems with some outdoors sensors i got today.

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Got the repeaters but haven't installed them yet everything seems to be working better since the channel change . Thanks you for your help:+1:

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