Phillips Hue, Google Home and C7 - Troubleshhoting

Hi all,

Not sure if this is a C7 related issue, but this is definitely the most reliable place to get help, so I'll start here.

I am running Google Home with the HE and a Phillips hue Bridge.
Recently the Google Home started not being able to 'reach the Phillips Hue' when we try to use voice commands to control the lights. (still works on the couple of wifi globes we have)

  • The Hue Bridge and C7 ( are up to date.
  • The lights can be controlled from the Hue App.
  • The lights can be controlled from the Hubitat dashboards
  • The lights can be controlled from the Home app.
  • I have reset all the devices and no change. (soft not factory)
  • The C7 and Hue Bridge are wired to separate wifi satellites (orbi mesh) but on the same subnet

Is the Hue bridge directly exposed to Google Home? Or only via the Hubitat Hue integration?

It was directly exposed.

Just went through ad re-added the Hue->Home link in the home app and it appears to have fixed it for now. Must of dropped during an update somewhere.

Thanks for the prompt response and nudge in the right direction

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