Phillips Hue Dimmer Switch Integration?

this driver will not work with the tap, no idea if the tap will pair with HE or not.

I am in the market for a remote (battery powered) wall switch, and the hue dimmer looks like a good option. I do not have a hue system. Does the built-in support talk directly with the hue dimmer, or only through the hue hub? Thanks!
Also, I am open to alternatives, provided I dont need yet another hub to integrate it..

I know you said you don’t want another hub....but.... Lutron Pico Remotes are really amazingly flexible, have awesome battery life, great mounting options, and excellent integration with Hubitat via the Caseta SmartBridge Pro2. The picos are so inexpensive, that it offsets the the cost of the SmartBridge Pro2.

That is the one thing I liked abount Wink Hub — built-in lutron casetta support - no extra hub.

Since I only have a need for a single remote, it is not really a cost effective solution. Though it is an option if I cannot find something. I was hoping the cooper aspire was still available, but with the company gone, not worth the cost..

It paired directly to the HE hub.

I can't recommend the Lutron Smart Bridge Pro and Pico remotes enough. But, it sounds like you may already own a Wink hub. I'm not saying this is an ideal solution, but you could control it from HE. Depends on how adventurous you are, and keep in mind that it will not be a cloudless solution like the Lutron Smart Bridge Pro is, but it should be pretty fast for automation, and the Pico would be directly connected to the Wink hub, so that would be fast too. The only downside (other than cloud connectivity) would be that Hubitat wouldn't necessarily know the Wink device state when controlling it from the Pico.

So here's what might work for you. The Wink can use Pico remotes, but only when you buy them with a Lutron Dimmer. So you can buy a Lutron dimmer and Pico combination, connect that to the Wink and then control the Lutron dimmer from Hubitat via IFTTT or for better speed, you control the Wink hub from Hubitat via Google Assistant Relay, using the [CC] prefix to send silent commands to the Wink hub.

Now if you look at the price of a Lutron dimmer and Pico kit and consider that this is cloud based solution that is not fully integrated with Hubitat, you begin to see that the Lutron Smart Bridge Pro isn't such a bad deal and allows so much more control. Essentially 10 button control from a 5 button Pico, because you have push and hold that can be programmed separately, Additional Pico remotes are only $15, sometimes less.

I have a Hue dimmer. If you don't have a bridge, I'm not sure you can do more than the four buttons, single push - [Edit] Just say @mike.maxwell noted that Push, Held, Released is supported on buttons 1 and 4 of the Hue Dimmer. I have mine on the Hue bridge and can program multiple (up to 5) pushes, plus a hold on all four buttons using the iConned Hue app. Having said that, my favorite button after the Pico is a Xiaomi Aqara. The community driver allows it to work with Hubitat Button Controller and it gives you 5 pushes to program and one hold. They cost around $5-8.

I have one of the Hank/Aeotec One Button controllers:

It uses the Aeon Nanomote driver which has push, held and released.

Thanks. Not really interested in the wink at all. Mike Maxwell confirmed direct support fir hue dimmer exists, so this looks like my perfect solution.

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Please note. I have 3 of the hue dimmers and I had problems keeping them connected to HE. They would become unresponsive after a week or two. I added them back to my Hue hub and I haven't had any issues with them. If you want something reliable, you may not be happy with the Hue Dimmer.

I just added one of my Hue Dimmers after the update and it worked beautifully. Adding it to the button controller was also easy as expected.

Just an FYI. The remote stopped working after being unused for an hour or so No button pushes function and no events logged from it. Not a problem for me as I was just messing with the function. I’ll try to set it up again tomorrow.

~update 2~
Okay, I was walking by the Hue remote and punched the buttons for laughs. it’s working again. IDK why. I haven’t touched a thing in HE, Hue or my network.

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That's the same thing I ran into and then they stopped working all together. The only way I could get them to work again was to remove them and then re-join them.

I was just curious about it. I like the Picos better. I’ll just leave it for a while to see how it acts, then remove it and reconnect it to the Hue hub,

My hue dimmer has been reliable for months. I'm not sure it's a button controller app issue or the dimmer (had posted in another thread about it), but now it works for a little while, and then fails (or will fail after I reboot the hubitat).

And yes, I'd do pico's too, but I have this and didn't want to waste it. And it's a bigger target for where I'm using it.

Thread resurrection!

Are these supported by default? How do you go about adding one of the dimmers? It hasn't come through with the Hub integration and the scan for devices doesnt find it, do I need to put it in pairing mode?

The Dimmer switches are supported, yes. They can be scanned for like any other device... but yes... they need to be in pairing mode. There's a hole in the back that you attack with a paperclip to make them pair... a little googling will come up with the instructions I think.

But... for a quick caveat - they pair just fine for me... but then they always stop working after about a day. I've reported it a couple of times... but so far... I don't think anybody's worked out what's up. From the look of the thread, they're working OK for some people... and not for others.

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Thanks. Just found the same info on another thread. I've just got hold of one of their new Zigbee Friends of Hue switches that I'm looking to experiment with, not sure HE will support it yet.

Hey @mike.maxwell - are we best to pair this directly with the HE or with the Hue Hub ?
Can we still use the button controller app if its connected through the Hue Hub ?

My whole house is full of hue dimmer switches. But since I only have my HE a couple of days I still have to pair them. I have paired one for about 4 days and it works reliable. I don't use a custom driver or app. Just the build in "Philips dimmer button controller" driver and a RM4 rule. Though I haven't figured out how to properly make a bulb to go up/down in brightness when holding a button and stop when releasing it. For the rest it's easy.

cool cool - I just wanted direction if it was better to pair the switch directly through HE or through the Hue Hub and the benefits of either way.

I connected it directly to HE. Because I don't want the extra delay from the hue bridge. And I don't want to use the hue bridge after moving the rest of the devices from it to HE. But that is a matter of opinion. If you do decide to use the bridge next to the HE you should watch out for the channels you set them on and your 2.4G wifi channel to make sure they don't interfere with each other.