Phillips Hue Dimmer lags on buttons 2 & 3 but not 1 & 4

Hey all, so I've had my Hubitat a while now and I've not been able to find a solution as to why there seems to be about a second's worth or so of latency with my Hue dimmers on buttons 2 and 3. They are each connected directly to Hubitat, are using the Phillips Dimmer Button Controller driver and work perfectly on buttons 1 and 4.

Additionally, I find it odd that Hubitat cannot seem to report press, hold and release actions for all 4 buttons when this is definitely possible in Home Assistant, albeit only when connected directly to the hue hub. What's the deal, am I missing something?

I enabled debug logging and this is a pic of what I get. Hubitat seems to acknowledge the buttons are pressed rather immediately but unlike when I press 1/4, 2 and 3 will hang for a moment before registering as a button press. Any ideas? Sorry if this is already covered somewhere and thanks in advance!

All four buttons are not the same on the Hue Dimmer.

Only buttons 2 and 3 recognize press, hold and release.

Buttons 1 and 4 only recognize press,

This is a hardware characteristic and cannot be redefined by user.

This still doesn't address why there would be latency on only those two buttons. Especially when both Hubitat and the hue hub itself recognizes dim up/down commands immediately.


You already have your answer -> the latency is because buttons 2 & 3 support the hold/release, thus they need to wait an extra second to see if you are trying to invoke those actions.

I was already aware of each button's capabilities as is evident with a quick look through the documentation. What was never explained was that this was the cause of the latency, although I have since figured that was the case. Your response seems to confirm this so thank you.

More so, I was asking specifically if anyone had a solution, which I have just found and will post for anyone stumbling across this later.

As I don't have any use the 'Hold' or 'Released' functions for any automation or app, it seems you can forego that function in exchange for latency-free button 'Presses' by installing and swapping each dimmer's driver with Keo's driver 'Hue Dimmer Button Controller' as found here:

To make it work I had to remove line 19.

This seems to be a more rudimentary DIY driver before the implementation of the official Hubitat one. It's missing the 'Hold' and 'Released' functions, although they do show and I'm sure a quick bit of tinkering in the code buy someone much more computer-literate than myself could remedy that no problem. The upside though seems to be that now all buttons (including 2 & 3) respond immediately without latency. A small niggle sure, but I know I'm definitely not the only one who this bothers (especially when repurposing the dimmer to control time-sensitive functions, such as scrubbing through media or stopping a moving blind for example).

Hope this helps someone. Happy pressing!

thanks!! is what i wanted

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