Phillips hue and hubitat polling rate


Does anyone have experience of how quickly hue lights update within hubitat if controlled outside of hubitat? (I use HomeKit as my main interface, and I just wanna make sure hubitat knows when a hue light is changed for cases of automations, I.e. don’t run x automation if hue light y is already on, or if a light turns on, also turn on b light)

I found a post from 2018 that says it takes up to a minute, but that’s 4 years ago and although it might still be true, it also might not be.

This is especially important since hue won’t be shown to HomeKit via the hubitat-HomeKit integration (as a lan device) so it won’t be uncommon for me to control devices from HomeKit instead of hubitat and I will have automations that may do different things depending on state of the bulbs.

Answered in another thread...

Yes… well after I posted this….

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