Philips Hue Spotify Sync - start from Hubitat?

I wonder if it would be possible to start Philips Hue Spotify Sync (not HDMI Sync Box) from Hubitat.
Is it already integrated in the Hue app ?
IS there a custom app for it ? Or would it be possible to make one ?

It's part of the hue app set and runs from your phone. I can't think of a way for HE to trigger your phone.

are you sure ? does the Hue sync process on the phone ?
I thought it was processing on the Hue bridge.

You might be able to start it with one of the advanced hue integrations.

Right via the sync app... I don't think that's exposed in cocohue or any other. Sync integrates on your phone with lets say spotify then sends "pulse commands" (I just use that term) to the hue bridge to process. But the app is what controls it. I know there are some pc based ones but those still need your hue credentials and hub and the music source...

then it is not good. I can think of a way to send a command to my phone (I am developing Android apps, so that's piece of cake for me)
but I wouldn't like to do it that way.

on the other hand, Spotify sync works without the phone.
I can start it with an Alexa command through Alexa. So I believe you are wrong.

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I've never tried it through alexa. Maybe because hue and spotify are linked to your alexa.......I'll be the first to admit I'm no expert. Going purely on personal observations

I think its a cloud to cloud integration.

Can you create a routine on Alexa that starts the syncing? If so you could expose a virtual switch to trigger it.

yes that's always doable but I'd prefer to do a direct integration if possible.
I bet it is possible; we just don't know the API access/endpoint for it.