Philips Hue Price Rant

You know the Hue product line is great and all, but how on earth to they get away with their pricing?

I got an alert today on Hue Outdoor Items being 20% off at BestBuy today. Went to look at them.

The plain white outdoor floodlight is ON SALE for $100. It's just a 2300 lumen led light! Doesnt even have color-temperature or a motion sensor. You can buy a floodlight fixture for $15 and put 2 smart bulbs in for like another $25.

Their colored walk-way lights are insane. $150 for the first one and $90 for each additional!


100000 thumbs up. As long as people are foolish enough to spend 100 on a lightbulb, they'll be a market for it. I'd use a candle before I'd pay their insanely inflated prices. Now there are people here that love them, they must be rich or being paid off :grinning:

This guy agrees with us

I do have some Hue stuff. I bought a starter kit with Hub and 3 bulbs, that pretty much just gets used for Halloween.

Then I have a refurb set of 2x "Play" light bars that were a pretty good deal on Woot one day.

And finally I do have one really cool thing that is Uniquely Hue, called the "Go", which is a rechargeable RGB light "thing", which I thought would be cool for outside in the summer time. But I also bought that refurb for like $50. List price is $80!

They can, and should from a business perspective, charge as high a price as people will pay... And since people will pay that price.... :man_shrugging:

People keep paying, I think it’s because they are everywhere (best buy, Home Depot, lowes,etc) I’d there were a few more reasonable choices on the shelf next to them you’d see some price erosion.

As far as floodlights go, smart floodlights seem to be a weird market on their own where nothing is less than 100/light. I am actually getting rid of my ring floodlights because they don’t integrate with the other 10 cameras I have and I can just use dumb floods with a smart switch.

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I wish there was an easy way to open up one of those cheap "flood light with motion sensor units" and make use of the motion sensor for logic. Only way I can think to do that is to steal the wires from one of my old wired window sensors and plug it into as a sensor switch.

Seems like the best bet of getting a motion event out of flood lights. In my case I already have camers and I use an integration with the camera to link as a motion sensor in hubitat, so dumb flood, motion sensing camera gives me the same thing for less money than a ring ( I can't yell at someone I guess but I've never needed that feature)

[quote="rob121, post:5, topic:40243"]
where nothing is less than 100/light.

Was referring to these kind of integrated floods not the bulbs themselves! My google fu is stronger than that

I figured as much, but posted since I haven’t seen them this cheap, just in case.

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No kidding. I can understand the floodlight with Camera and motion sensor but just a plain flood light is crazy but oh well. We are just cheapskates :wink:

Solution: don't buy them.


You can use the motion sensor on these in events separate from the flood light itself as long as you use the right driver.