Philips Hue Motion Sensors

Hi There, My understanding is that you connect these directly to Hubitat using Zigbee. My question is, is there any issues with having them connected both to the Philips Hue Hub and also to Hubitat? e.g. the only connect to 1 or the other, or there is increase in battery drain when connected to 2?



You can only connect Zigbee devices to one hub. You could however connect them to the Hue hub, and then integrate the hue hub to Hubitat. There is a built in integration and a community built one with extra features.

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I was in the same boat two days ago, moving from a hue run system to the C7.

I used the built in hue integration, but found the sensor didn't come across, so paired it with the hubitat directly. I then re-wrote my motion rule with the built in motion app.
Wife hasn't noticed any difference yet yet, so must have done alright.


They work reliably on Hubitat. Battery drain will depend on temperature, motion, and lux triggers (things that make it wake up and send a message to the hub), as well as how strong your Zigbee mesh is.
Importing them from Hue is only possible using one of the community Hue apps. The community apps also support push events from the Hue bridge, so immediate updates for Hue devices are possible by going that route.


Same, here - but I removed the built in integration and moved to the community one, it has all the sensors showing and working well and I have retained the Hue Hub. Happy days.


I'll have to look into that one. Was it smooth to go between apps? did you just have to re-pair the sensors to the hue hub?

Seamless, ir worked the same way as the build in app, pair the hub and choose your items to bring into Hubitat. Didn't effect any of the integration between devices and Hue Hub.

EDIT, I just removed the devices created from the build in app, then the app itself, then added the community one.


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