Philips hue motion sensor

Hello, If you open the philips motion sensor you see 2 buttons: The reset button and a small black button! Does anyone know what this button is for? I pushed it accidentally and I think the motion sensor no longer works. And how can I solve this?

Hi did you ever find the answer I've done the same thing....I thought it was factory reset. :crazy_face:

I've fixed, it it seems to give the ability to switch off feature's. Podged the button a few times and all back working again. I can find absolutely no documentation on this button....some I am not going to touch it be dragons :smile:

Not sure what that other button is. But I have found with these motion sensors that you need to hold the reset for at least 20-30 seconds for it fully reset. I usually wait for the light to flash green 3 times.

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