Philips Hue motion sensor working with Hubitat

I have a Hue Motion Sensor and I would like to integrate it in Hubitat.
Is there a way to get that working?

If the motion sensor is currently paired to a Hue bridge, you can reset it, and then pair it directly to Hubitat. Both the Hue Indoor and Outdoor motion sensors work well with Hubitat.

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Thanks I didn't know it is that easy.

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Yup. There is a built-in driver called "Hue Motion Sensor" for these sensors. This driver exposes all the capabilities of these sensors (motion/illuminance/temperature).

I have a Hue hub, but when I recently added three Hue motion sensors to my setup, I paired them directly with my Hubitat C7 hub. The work very well paired directly.

Hello Where can I find Hue motion sensor driver? I tried to search it in apps and drivers but couldn’t find it. I am new to Hubitat community so sorry for the stupid question. TIA.

Welcome to the Hubitat Community site!

The Hue motion sensor driver is is a built-in driver. So when you pair a Hue motion sensor to Hubitat, it will automatically be assigned to the new device that is created.

As an aside, the source code to the vast majority of built-in drivers and apps is not made available. There are examples of drivers and apps in Hubitat's GitHub repository, linked to below:

Thank you so much. I really appreciate your help.

I’m am thinking of getting my first motion/sensor. It seems the Hue gets solid marks here and great marks on Amazon. I do have a few questions:

  1. I have absolutely no other Zigbee devices and my C7 hub would be about 20-30 feet away in another room in a 1 floor condo unit. Should it be able to connect?

  2. I want this for a front hallway that can be dark, even during the day. What Hubitat app would I use to set up an automation based on detected motion and lux level? Would I use Rule Machine or something else?

  3. Is there a general guide someplace that would give me some idea of what to set the lux trigger point to?

Without a solid mesh, 1 zigbee (especially an edge device) may be problematic

Lighting or RM5

Nope... The scales from device to device vary so much, even from eachother. Your best bet is to simply look at the lux level when lighting in there is where you need it and write it on a piece of paper then make your rule based on that.

I mean mine says 100 when it's fully light out but my tempest says 210,000 (different scales)