Philips hue messing up when HE7 is on


I’ve recently come across the philips hue acting strangely. I use the philips hue hub with philips hue lights and I’ve connected the HE7 to Lutron ra2select and using the Lutron Pico’s to control philips hue bulbs. A week ago, The philips hue motion sensors which are connected to the hue hub and hue lights would trigger 1/2 bulbs in the corridor instead of both. I’d go to the philips hue app and try to turn it on and it doesn’t respond. It’s been on going for a week. It stopped happening when I turned off the HE7. Philips hue is acting normal. I’ve tried changing the hue channels but it’s still the same issue. The issue isn’t just in one room, it’s all around.

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This can happen if both Hue and HE are on the same channel, or from strong WiFi interference in the instance of the channel change. Try changing the Hue channel again, to one that doesn’t have WiFi or HE interference, or change your HE Zigbee channel, since HE has finer control over the Zigbee channel.

For what it's worth, I'm experiencing the same issue. Granted, I'm just in the middle of my migration from smartthings to hubitat but I was chugging right along until I started having connectivity issues last night. However, a rookie mistake is not impossible. I keep my wifi APs on 1 & 6, avoiding 11 and using higher zigbee channels to avoid interference. I will have to look at it further tonight but seeing the timing of your post makes me wonder if it's a change that's been made that's outside of our control.

If that were the case this would be widespread. I haven’t seen any problems with my Hue integration.

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Just to add to this, hopefully it's the same issue... Further testing shows that my lights aren't disconected, but my commands are extremely delayed (25-30 seconds) from within the hue app, and completely unresponsive from HE. @rq208, can you test your bulbs from the hue app with your HE powered up and see if you're havening similar results? If not, I'll drop off and start a new thread.

I don't think my particular issue is interference based as I've disabled my HE's Zigbee antenna, rebooted it several times, and still my lights are unresponsive from Hubitat, and extrememly delayed from the Hue app. But once I power down the HE, full functionality and responsiveness return within the Hue app.

my hub builbs are instant both within the hue app and within hubitat.. they are one of the fastest performing ... not sure what is going on with you. when i walk in the bathroom i have hue lights coming on via motion that are in the hub hub and mirrored in hubitat.

That sounds like interference to me.
Do another test...power down your Hue hub and see if HE operates as expected.
Also do you have a C7 version of HE ?
Any repeaters in use ?

Thanks for the feedback! I shut off the hue hub and noticed my zwave devices were experiencing maybe a 2-2.5 second delay, something that I hadn't observed while setting up existing sensors over the last few days.
To further test, I powered the Hue hub back up, disabled the Z-Wave antenna in my C7 as well (so now both zigbee and z-wave antennas are disabled), and tested my hue lights... And the delay still occurs. Could it be a bad z-wave device? I've added a number of new devices in the last few days in my migration from ST to HE.

Hue bridge uses zigbee, not zwave, so i would think it unlikely to get interference across frequencies like that.

USB 3.0, however, is known to cause interference in the 2.4ghz range. Perhaps the hue bridge is too close to the HE USB power source (or other usb ports)?

Sorry, I actually relocated my hue hub to another room yesterday just so that I could rule out their placement as a possible cause. But even then, with the zigbee antenna disabled, I can't think of a way that my C7 could interfere with the Hue app's functionality yet I have to power down the HE in order to remove the lag.

With all of the devices and apps I've added in the last few days, I'm considering excluding everyting again and rebuilding it from scratch, but that will require a weekend day.

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