Philips Hue Hub and Ikea bulbs

I have Ikea color bulbs on a Philips Hue Hub, the Philips bulb changes color by habitat but the Ikea ones don't? Has anybody come across this?
I use the Philip hue hub so that I can use the hue app.

Is there a way to get the IKEA bulbs on the Philips hue hub to work?

Is the Hubitat Driver Type the same for both the Hue and the IKEA bulbs?

I dont know how to answer that, I am connecting via the hue hub app and loading the bulbs that way.

Look at one of the Hue bulbs in the Hubitat list of Devices. Find the driver “Type” field. Do the same for one of the IKEA bulbs.

As in the Philips Hue integration app, connecting the hub and then loading the device/bulbs.

okie dokie

yes its the same, I am able to turn them on and off... but not change the color

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My genuine Hue Color bulbs use the “hueBridgeBulbRGBW” driver, while my genuine Hue white bulbs use the “hueBridgeBulb” driver.

Depending on how the IKEA bulbs are discovered through the Hue bridge, perhaps they are not using the RGB or RGBW hueBridge driver? Just a guess.

Bummer. I guess that’s not it. Out of curiosity, which driver type are the IKEA bulbs using via the Hue bridge integration?

Looks like a known issue…

hueBridgeBulbRGBW.... poop this is the reason I got Hubitat, so I could run multiple hue hubs.
Looks like it goes back tomorrow if I cant the bulbs/hubs to work.

UGH! thank you so much... unfortunately 90% of my bulbs are Trådfri.
Back in the box and back, it goes! shame it would have been fun, but if it doesn't work... it doesn't work.

It's not impossible to make work, though I'm not aware of any solution that does at the moment unless you want to directly pair them and use the "Advanced...." bulb drivers or a community driver I've seen that hard-codes some custom commands with values. But this won't work via the Bridge. The issue is the difficulty of converting between the XY and HS color models. Hue bulbs implement both, Ikea ones I've seen only implement the latter, and Hubitat depends on the former.

Again, conversion is theoretically possible, and I've toyed around with it in a custom Hue Bridge integration I wrote. However, I haven't found any formula that gives me consistently reliable results (e.g., if I set the bulb to the hue and saturation values the conversions I've tried suggests they should be based on the XY values, the result is sometimes quite far away--though not terrible in some cases). I might pick this idea up again sometime, or maybe someone else will outside of the direct-pairing situation.

It would also be nice if Ikea just implemented everything that is conventional for the color models these bulbs actually support (hue/saturation, XY, and color temperature). :slight_smile: But that's probably the least likely outcome...


Thank you for your time and help!

It is sad I could really get into hubitat, but without Ikea bulb integration it just won't work for my setup. In fact, that was the only reason I purchased, it was to fix the 3 hue hub and Alexa issues that a lot of people are having.

How do I wipe my hub before returning it?

Pretty sure this will do it... (lifted from a support email regarding another issue):

  1. Navigate to [http://[Your Hub IP]:8081/?fullui=yes
  • NOTE: (Replace [Your Hub IP] with the ip address of your hub)
  1. Choose Full Reset (flushes radio settings)

If you are not already logged in, you will be prompted to log in. The password is the MAC address which is printed on a sticker on the bottom of your hub, but you may also find it by going to '''Settings''' in your Hubitat Web Interface and choosing "Hub Details"

If you notice ''Error 401'' displayed, please '''Log Out''' of the Diagnostic Tool, then close all your browser's windows and log back in using the hub's MAC address.

When Full Reset page opens, you will need to type "full reset" into the input box and then press the '''Full Reset''' button.

Once the Full Reset process is completed, the hub will shutdown and its light on the front will turn "Red''.

Thank you Brad, I will give it a go.

It is such as shame that the IKea bulbs don't work on Hubitat.

I much prefer Hubitat to Home Assistant, but the IKea bulbs interact perfectly working from a hue hub on home assistant.

Considering that it is possible do you think that they will get it working on Hubitat?

If you don't want to put the Hue Bridge in the middle, I believe they'll already work if you pair them directly to Hubitat (as regular Zigbee devices) and used the "Advanced Zigbee RGBW Bulb" driver, or possibly any community or built-in driver that otherwise meets your needs. This is one that I believe should because it does XY-to-HS color-model conversion.

It's theoretically possible to write a Hue Bridge integration that does, too. I've tried. The results weren't great. :slight_smile: It's possible I'm using an unsuitable formula (or a wrong input, like the wrong white point, but everyone seems to use the same value for Hue here). I'll probably pick it up again sometime or see if Hubitat's conversion is part of their "public" libraries now and able to be used by third-party drivers (freeing me from most of that work!), though I can't guarantee it will behave differently/better. FWIW, Home Assistant's XY-to-HS conversion was similarly bad for me (I think I was able to even get the same values they did), but I don't think anything there necessarily depends on a specific color model since "capabilities" aren't quite as standardized as they are on Hubitat and you have more latitude with how things are set and reported, so your ability to use them less affected.

But it would be great if Ikea's firmware reported HS values out like most (actually all I've seen) other RGBW bulbs do...


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