Philips Hue Gradient Lamps

Using @bertabcd1234 's CoCoHue and very happy with it.

Would like to request support for the new Gradient lamps. In the Hue app, one chooses three colors and the lamp will then create a gradient between them. In Hubitat the lamp appears as one lamp. Would be great if it could appear as three lamps.

Would gladly help with testing...

Thank you in advance!

Thanks! :smiley:

So, my only issue with these is that I don't have any and also don't know how the Hue API works with them. I do not see any documentation that refers to these devices specifically, which makes me think it might only work with a newer, undocumented "API". (But you say you can choose three colors...I don't suppose it's as easy as it exposing three "lights" to the API where you can just choose the colors there like normal bulbs?)

If anyone knows, I'd be happy to try implementing something. Otherwise, the "how" part isn't apparent to me from the docs.


Not a lot of savvy on my side, but I have been inside my Hue API a few years ago. I will try to acces it again and see if I could find the gradient lamp. I will post here if I find something interesting...

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