Philips Hue "Go To Bed" Recreation Struggle

Hey everyone, brand new to Hubitat and it's been amazing so far. I've had the C8 for almost a week now and I'm slowly recreating all the functionality I had previously set up through the Philips Hue app but I've come across something I just can't seem to do. I have three lights I want to automate, two white colour ambience bulbs and one single temperature white bulb, all brought into Hubitat via Advanced Hue Bridge Integration.

The ideal scenario is I'd like to transition these lights from their current state to a warm white over 1 minute before fading down to the dimmest setting over 60 minutes then eventually off but only if the lights are already on. If the lights are off, nothing happens which I'm happy with.

I have tried doing this through Room Lighting and it has worked to an extent but whenever I attempt to break the rule by either changing the lights to something else or turning them off, they turn back on and continue the transition. This may be the intended functionality of the Room Lighting app but I'd definitely love to be able to disable the rule at will if possible.

I've attempted different kinds of set up through scene capture, manual input of the colour temperature (just dim for the white bulb), checking different "do not activate if" settings and what seems like all other kinds of variation but nothing seems to be able to recreate the desired effect unfortunately. I've attached one of the attempts but if anyone has some ideas on what might be worth trying it would be hugely appreciated!

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I'll take a shot at helping; though, I'm only about half year into my journey. I do something similar with my lights utilizing two different ways. The kids use the "personal go to sleep" in the Hue Labs that starts via a virtual button brought into Hubitat via the CoCoHue integration. In owner's bedroom I manipulate virtual bulbs via a rule. In both cases, I take advantage of Rule Machine and Hue Groups/Zones rather than Room Lighting.

The only piece of information I need is the changing of the bulbs to something else once the transition starts. Are you sometimes going to a Hue scene?

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Oooo, I think I might dabble in Rule Machine a little more and see what I can create because the "Personal Go To Sleep" options looks super useful, at least then I should be able to break the rule easier if it's just running that! Do your solutions involve transitioning from their previous states over a period of time, or does it just switch to the new event?

For the changing of the bulbs, I am activating different Hue scenes. In this instance, being done via a Hue Dimmer Switch 99% of the time unless I want something specific via the app.

The "Personal Go To Sleep" is for the kids only because I do not want it interrupted. After 30 minutes of dimming, their lights go off and it works really well. Honestly, I have not tested that one with activating a scene, but I'm pretty sure it would work.

If you used Rule Machine, here is a sample to help get you started.

With the sample, it requires both the hue group to be on and a hue scene ("Cathy has to work" is a virtual switch for Google Home to activate the scene) off. If I turn off the bulbs or activate the hue scene, it will cancel the rest of the dimming. The sample sets the color temperature to 2700 (i.e. Warm White) over the course of a minute, then dims it over the next hour down to 1%. After that, it turns off the group but that action is delayed until the dimming is over.

As for my house, I'm constantly transitioning the bulbs via a circadian rhythm and using hue scenes to stop and add color. For instance, due to the current sunlight, I have our first floor transition from wherever it is in the rhythm (around 3500 or so) down to 2600. This happens from 7-7:45pm with a dimming down to 80%. I have the sunset hue lab come on at 7:45pm every night to tell the kids to head upstairs for bed and create a nice atmosphere for the wife and I. The kids lamps go to sleep starting at 8:15pm. Starting at 9pm, the first floor dims to 10% over the next hour before activating the Moonlight scene at 10pm. Then, the first floor shuts off at 11pm after dimming down to 1%. This happens automatically unless I go to bed early and hit the "goodnight switch" to shut everything down and get the bulbs ready for the circadian rhythm in the morning.

I also dim the master bedroom similar to the sample to help us go to bed. That room from 7-8pm transitions down to 2600 at 80% from wherever it was previously. From 8-11pm, it transitions again down to 2000 at 1%.

It has taken about two months of trail and error to get to a point where everyone is extremely happy with the setup.

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You. Are. Brilliant. I attempted something with very similar guidelines and after a failed first attempt (still figuring out what intervals worked best), it worked and posed no issues when changing the scenes or turning the lights off all together.

Thank you for giving such a useful and detailed response, I'll tinker around with a few more things to ensure it's working as I intend but it looks like you've solved this one!

For anyone else looking to do the same thing, these are the settings I used. The higher interval rate on the raising of the colour temperature stopped it transitioning too quickly so it ends up going for the full minute instead of shorter, looking much closer to what Philips Hue does natively. I'm not sure if this poses issues in homes with more things running at once but I'll definitely update if I need to make any further changes.

You are far more complicated with your kids than I that there is anything wrong with that). For my kids it's pretty simple. For my youngest he goes to bed around 7:30-8:00. After 8:30 if he attempts to turn on the lights, they automatically turn off (unless the door is open). If he opens the door a particular sound plays on our phones that my GSD reacts to and he takes off (followed by our other dog) and they track down and pin him with licks until we get there to put him back to bed.

For my older boy, lights off at 10 and if he tries to put them on they go out after a half hour and all lights, tv's, door locks etc go off when we push a button on the night stand when we go to bed.

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What's the point of having a C8 and colored hue bulbs if I can't make things more complicated than they need to be? At least my wife tolerates it and the kids enjoy the color.