Philips Hue Dusk to Dawn vs new Hue Outdoor Sensor

So I wanted to buy another one of these for the front yard related to Christmas display and see that there are newer ones that don't have Lux reporting - and maybe not temperature either. Amazon has both. Is there a reason to choose the new dumbed down version or to buy the previous one?

I have just one outside and it's the "old version" and it performs well. And technically I only need the motion detection, but FOMO has me wondering the best choice.

Thanks Hue experts.

All I've read until now was about the changing in packaging between the two version. But looking once more. . .

So the "new" ones also have temp and lux even though they are not mentioned?

Yes, the new ones (packing without clear plastic bubble window) do lux and temp - I have one. Mine shows up as a SML004 model.

I upgraded from old to new for one main reason - battery access. The new version is much easier since it did away with that ridiculously fiddly & weak 4-tiny-screw design.

The new version fires more consistently for me too, so that's an additional win. I haven't noticed any decrease in range from old to new.