Philips Hue Bridge and ERIA

Anyone tried to use this bulb with the Hue Bridge? It says it will pair with it. I wonder if it would be a good mesh repeater or not.

As long as the bulb supports the ZLL profile, it should be fine. However, as a mesh repeater, it will only repeat for devices on the Hue bridge (and that's only if it fully supports the ZLL profile) and not HE devices.

I checked and it does indeed support the ZLL profile.

So it would not be a repeater for any other zigbee devices unless they are on the hue bridge? Bummer.

Interesting find. $1 less than the Trådfri tunable white bulbs. You guys in the US get a good price on the Trådfri "full spectrum" bulbs. Just $19.99!

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The color bulb is pretty cheap also at $28. It does color and white.

Bulbs are terrible repeaters for anything but other bulbs (I guess on a Hue Bridge maybe the motion sensor or the dimmers would work OK :man_shrugging:). All compatible Zigbee LL bulbs on the Hue Bridge (or another HE hub) and everything else on the main HE hub is the most stable Zigbee network.

I wonder how it's greens are? The Trådfri really do not do them well.

I have several of these bulbs on my Hue Bridge and they look and work great. Hue bulb mesh has been fine. The only downside is that (like all non-Hue bulbs) they will not appear in Homekit. (Not a big issue if you use HE with homebridge.)

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I'm going to assume non-upgradeable too? At least with the Trådfri, you can get your hands on a bridge to upgrade them if needed for a security flaw or performance improvement.

Correct-there is not likely to be an upgrade path via Hue. Although, like other manufacturers, AduroSmart does have their own bridge (~$35 US). I've not purchased it, so I can't say if they provide periodic firmware updates.

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Anyone know if the Hue Tap will work with HE?

nope, if it did it would be in the official supported devices list

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OK, thanks. Any chance it is on a list to do?

It isn't, these are green power profile devices, there's too much work needed on the back end to support these, not a priority right now.

Ok, thanks Mike.

@davidscottjackson I have tried to get the ERIA color bulb to pair with the hue bridge but it does not find it. I have reset it several times per the manual but still no go. How did you get them to pair? thanks

EDIT: It appears that if you don't have the white bulbs in there first the hue app won't see the color bulb. So I put in the 2 adj. white ERIA bulbs and after they were in I tried the color bulb again and it popped right in. Go Figure!

Glad you got them to work. I paired them by doing a bulb reset, followed by turning them off. I next started the pairing mode in the Hue app and then turned the light on.

Try to switch the bulb on/off for 5 times (bulb reset) after the bulb will go into pairing mode, tap on search in your app and the bulb should show up

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