Philips Bulb Name & HomeKit

Just added a Philips Tunable white Wi-Fi LED and used the Wiz integration and I can now control it but it came into the devices list as "Wiz RGBW Light on" and I'm not able to change its name. Also, I have the "HomeKit enabled" switched on, but don't see it in HomeKit

Add a "Device Label." This will be used as the display name if set.

For HomeKit, not sure, but have you checked the HomeKit Integration app on your hub (under Apps) to see if it's listed there? If not, try adding it and see if that helps, though the toggle on the device detail page should do the same.

Thanks, that fixed the name!
Although it is listed in the HomeKit integration app it doesn't show up in HomeKit and I did a "restart" in the app as well...

If you go to the Hubitat bridge in HomeKit it might put it in default room.

Not there in the default room either...

Just opened HomeKit on my Mac and it now shows up .... maybe just a delay in updating the devices