Philia PDS-100 Z-Wave Lock Support

Just got this lock and am very impressed by it. It supports S2, bluetooth, NFC, Z-Wave, etc.

It includes in S0 and S2 mode without any issues. It has a quirk that is making the lock codes not work with the Generic Driver as well as the Lock Manager App.

It supports 10 codes, but the custom code slots start at 50 and go to 59. By default it looks like lock code manager starts at code 1 (makes sense, but this device is . . . different). If you try to manually set the code in the driver with the Set Code option it is taking the "max codes" value of 10 and thinking that the valid values are 1-10.


I can probably create a driver for it, but it would be great if the Generic driver was modified to support this device.


Wasn't aware of that lock, thanks for posting. Is nice looking, to boot.


To save everyone some Google time:

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