Phantom zigbee device

Just noticed this in the zigbee logs. I am not sure what this device is. The device ID does not match anything on the zigbee details page. Any idea on how to remove it?

49322018-12-18 11:49:02.133 profileId:0x0, clusterId:0x6, sourceEndpoint:0, destinationEndpoint:0 , groupId:0, lastHopLqi:255, lastHopRssi:-55

I also seem to have gotten a phantom device. (CE29 in the attached screenshot)
Did you resolve the issue?

I've noticed a couple when looking at the getChildAndRouteInfo page with a null device name. I can't for the life of me figure out which devices they are. My only guess was some old Lutron CBRs that might occasionally check in, but I thought I had factory reset those..... If the log had a MAC address or something, you might be able to at least determine the manufacturer. I've been too lazy to hook up the sniffer and look.

I know it wasn't your intent but everyone with device envy is wondering why we can't have one of the fancy phantom devices too. :wink:

I still have one. No clue what it is yet.

I've seen that in the past when a device that is already in the zigbee list is re-paired and it's issued a new ID. IIRC, it disappeared after the zigbee list was updated. For me, it was just a couple of hours .

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I must admit that things were much easier in the zwave world. A repair and you're done.
I'm busy trying to get a Xbee and figure out XCTU.
However, there are compensations, since zigbee seems to be self healing.

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So anyone from support chimed in for anyone on this yet? How do we get rid of these phantom devices? I have one that's not on my zigbee list but it does show up in the zigbee logging page. Not sure how to go about deleting it for to figure what device it is.

Yeah, you have to find it then factory reset it, it would be one that you joined and then deleted at some point, we're working on a way to have these added back in automatically, but that's not done yet.

oh man.. that's going take some time with over 90 zigbee devices. fun fun..

It's probably sitting in a drawer someplace...

Ask @homeauto2112 how he found his stranded device, recently :smile:

you are having fun with me aren't you. :upside_down_face:

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So, spill the beans! How did you figure out which one to reset?
I'm probably like everyone else, with a lot of old HA equipment, in a lot of old drawers.

No, I know you've put a lot of effort into this, and it wasn't fun. I've been in your shoes. The solution was right in front of me (literally) but turned my house upside down before I noticed it :wink:

Rule of thumb is, if you don't use it and you've removed it or not included, just unplug it or take out the batteries. Is not about resetting it, as much as it is about not keeping it online.

Well, here's my story. I was having some issues with my hub and reached out to support. He said there was a Zigbee device that was hitting my hub, but it wasn't in the database. So, I went to find it ....

"As an aside, the offending Zigbee device was a cube I bought but couldn’t make any real use of. The “fun” part of this was that it is sitting about a foot away from the keyboard and I never thought of it while I spend the better part of my free time last week looking for the “Zigbee device" ( included the hour or so of rooting through the "unused home device cabinet" making sure every device had the battery removed). I even moved it around a few times to get to somethings around it. Then last night I was just zoning out after checking the latest beta out and then I looked down at it and thought “well …. f&*k.”