Personal Panic Button Needed

Hi, I am looking for a personal panic button my wife can carry that functions much like the panic option on a auto key fob. By that I mean it should not be so easy to press that just touching it sets it off, it must be intentional. For example to set the ones off on my vehicles you have to intentionally press a specific button and hold it, it is slightly recessed so it won't easily go off in your pocket.

I have the sonoff and samsung buttons but they go off easy unless you put them into a box or something.

Any zigbee keyfobs out there?


This is Zwave and looks like there may be some resistance:

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Yes, looks promising, just ordered it

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If this is a panic button for a truly panic situation, I would not want to rely at all on any consumer grade home automation service, including HE.


The Mini Mote might work. The buttons are recessed so you wouldn't tend to trigger them accidentally. I don't know if they are still available . . .

Super curious what your use-case is and how you plan to use HE. No judgment at all, as I see a lot of utility here for various applications.

Based on how very reliable HE and attached devices have been, like 99.9% UP, I am OK with trusting it. We are both at home, it is just for the rare situation where she falls, needs help. I have a samsung button mounted under the shelf in our outdoor shower for that purpose. It triggers HE to flash lights, triggers Alexa to tell me help needed in shower. She just wants something like that to carry around.

I have a good z-wave and zigbee mesh. and I have a dashboard to monitor batteries in everything.

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Yep same in my end, my hub is very reliable and I have few issues. I just don't like trusting health and safety to it. To each his own! :slightly_smiling_face:


I agree. My brother got our aged parents a proper pendant/watch style alert system which runs off the mobile network and dials a series of numbers until someone answers and raises the alarm. I would never entrust my parent's safety with HE (or for that matter any non dedicated system).

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That's also what my mom uses.


The main issue with minimotes is that they don't report battery level. So you'd never know when it's about to die. Other than that yes they would work well for this type of application I think.

Are dedicated systems really any better? They use the same technology. So subject to the same failures.

The point is that they are designed/optimised for a single purpose and therefore inherently should be more reliable than devices which are general purpose.

It's like saying Hue hubs are zigbee just like HE. But as it is tightly integrated with hue devices I would say that it's more bulletproof than HE in what it does - pretty much never crashes or needs rebooting.

Appreciate all the opinions. I know my situation. It is not so grave as to PAY for life alert or something. I do think though that HE is more reliable and certainly more configurable, than any other system.

The openness of the platform makes it so. Anyway, I am only in this chat I started here to get pointers to key fobs, and I got several, bought one, so Thanks!

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